Johanne-Bryce Hodgson (MMus), is an Award Winning*, Experimental, Avant-Garde (according to their supervisors) and Contemporary Composer with a focus on Chance and Indeterminate compositional processes, and a passion for the bizarre.

They are currently studying as one of Canterbury Christ Church University’s PhD Candidates within the School of Music and Performing Arts, which is situated within the Creative Arts department. Their thesis focuses on working towards a living definition of Chance and Indeterminacy as a compositional tools for the 21st Century composer.

Projects and Compositions

Their previous explorations have involved: Indeterminacy, Sweets, Theatre, Improvisation, a Box, Dice (of various shapes and descriptions), Percussion, and a Dragon.

Their Masters project involved exploring notation for circuit-bent toys, and exploring how far one could go with removing or limiting the composer’s agency before a work is no longer a composition. The latter is a longterm exploration.

The Website and Blog

Throughout this website you will find recordings, scores, various writings, as well as a list of past and present engagements.

It is the aim of Johanne-Bryce to be an accessible composer. This means that whilst they are taking paid commissions, any works that are either considered experiments or were created through their education are placed here on this website for free.

It also means that they are happy to receive emails asking questions about their work and methods.