Please note that anything prior to February 2022 is credited under Johanne’s deadname “Jason Hodgson”. However, if there is need to reference these events, please use their chosen name instead.

Current –

November 2019 – Current

Member of the Free Range Orchestra. (Voice, Saw, Metal Sheet, Misc. Objects)

July 2017 – Current

Project Manager, and Musical Director for Adventurers & Artists: A LIVE Dungeons & Dragons® Campaign Concert

2017 – Current

Member of the Athelstan Sound (Voice, Saw, Metal Sheet, Misc. Objects)

June 2016 – Current

Music Director at NOMAD Entertainment Group Ltd.

Past –

January 16th 2022

Performed with Sophie Stone as part of the ArtBlab ‘Beyond Text’ poetry festival. This featured the premiere of a new piece created by Johanne and Sophie which combined some of each of their processes, and used John Cage’s book ‘Silence Lectures’.

June 13th 2021

Dimensional Shift was performed at the Red Note Ensembles performance as part of their Noisy Nights series.

Review in the Scotsman: Link
Red Note Ensemble Website: Link

JAnuary 31st 2021

Presentation at Drake Music’s  Neurotribes Conference 2021
Neurodiversity and Randomness as Compositional Tools: Why I do what I do – and How I do it

September 2019 – January 2021

President of Canterbury Christchurch University’s Post Graduate Research Association Comittee

July 26th 2019

Presented Musikell  at the Music and/as Process Conference, alongside the creator the games which inspired the score, Bez Shahriari.

September 2018 – July 2019

Sound Editor for the Audible Autism Podcast Series, part of the Autistic Empire Community Project.

March 16th 2019

Open Circuit Festival: Interactive Traces

The Ligeti Quartet performed the destination is obsolete (2018) at Liverpool University.

For more information and to book tickets, visit the even page.

More about the Ligeti Quartet.

January 10th – 12th 2019

2019 BFE/RMA Research Students Conference (Sheffield) –
thoughts on chance and indeterminacy

Originally a poster-presentation/internalised score for the conference, it was quickly adapted for an impromptu presentation/externalised score.

January 4th – 5th 2018

2018 BFE/RMA Research Students Conference (Huddersfield) – Neuro – Diversity as a Compositional Tool

October 24th 2017

Centre for Practice Based Research in the Arts: Work in Progress Talks –
“Hmm: I Wonder…? (OR, “What happens if….?”)”

You can read a summary and review of this talk on their blog.

January 2015 – october 2017

Musical Director for Undercover Friends Theatre Company
Created and performed the Quasi-Improvised Music for Silent Shakespeare.