Canterbury Christ Church University Circuit-Bending Creative Project Masters Project

Masters Project: 4. Circuit-Bending Toys (Part 3)

What’s in a Name?
/Workshops 2 & 3

In this mini-series I will talk about circuit-bending as part of Creative Project, as well as occasionally, how it will relate to my Main composition project.

In the last post, I introduced you to the instruments by how I bent them. But now it’s time to Name and Fame them!

There are now three circuit bent toys being used in my Creative Project, I shall introduce them in the order of their naming.

(The descriptions of the instruments were written by Natalie Perdu, a member of Canterbury Christchurch University Scratch Orchestra, and fellow Masters Student).

Without further adieu, here are the instruments the Scratch Orchestra helped to create:

First of, let me introduce you to Lady Penelope.

Pink whiz, heart attack girl.
Plastic face, no disgrace.
Living the life rarefied,
no second place.

Higher and higher the doyenne of cool.
Refined sugar sweetness,
distinctly old skool.

With vim And with vigour,
and clipped elocution,
she’ll draw you right in for your execution.

This is the game she loves to play.
The more you hold on,
the more you will pay.

Right to your core her electricity flows.
You’ll be bound in her net,
and trussed with pink bows.


Secondly, there is 8 Bit Guitar:

A Garrulous and dynamic individual.
Naïvely enthusiastic. 8 Bit Guitar gallivants
into situations where angels fear to tread.

Attention span of a washing machine on full spin,
with the hear of a tiger.

Always tries hard,
and the results never fail
to bring a mile to the stoniest of hearts.

Needs to be watched over or may try too hard and exhaust themselves.


And lastly, but by no means least, Farmageddon:

Bright, breezy, bubbly!
Who wouldn’t be drawn to the cheery soul of Farmageddon?
When you find the online, you will be drawn into their
sweet, cheery, and oh so polite persona.

There is nothing Faramgeddon won’t do for you.

You will be made the center of their world.

Until you’re not.

Until their darkness begins to show.

You always though the darkness was there,
but you brushed that thought aside.

Now you know.

Now you see the sociopath that is Farmageddon.


All three of these instruments, along with a fourth named Gallitronia (no points for guessing the influence of the name or what toy was circuit bent) which is in it’s prototype stages were showcased as part of a concert at Canterbury Christchurch University on the 19th April.

As mentioned, this instrument was presented in its prototype form during the performance, therefore its full potential has yet to be realised. But don’t despair, I will talk about it more in detail at some point in the future.

Throughout this process, my good friends and Videographers Michael-Paul Thompson, and Nathaniel Beddall are creating a short documentary-style video of this project which whilst its main purpose is to document the project for my Creative Project Module, it will also be available to you lovely people via my YouTube Channel at a later date.


21st April 2017
Johanne-Bryce Hodgson
(formerly Jason Hodgson)


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