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Happy New Year (2018)

I’d thought I’d start this year off with a post about what fantastic things have happened in 2017, and what awaits me in 2018.


We can all agree that 2017 was a turbulent year. However, with that being said, there a few things that are positive about the year:

January saw the start of my blog as I started to focus on my main project for my Masters. A lot has changed in regards to the project. Whilst I will still be utilising various electronic and aleatoric means of composition and performance (the latter being a constant in my career), the installation plan had to sadly be bottom-drawed for another time. It was to ambitious for the time, skill, and tools available to me at this moment in time. Nevertheless I have learnt a great deal of new skills, or at least started to…

Having this blog also allowed to evaluate past work I have done to both document and guide my progress. And although I am unable to do weekly or monthly posts as my career guides me down a busy path, I will endeavour to keep posting as often as I can in the coming year.

In February my Circuit Bending adventure also began. I learn skills I would never dream I would ever learn, whilst learning more about the concept of Noise music and Collage/Bricollage music. During this time I killed a fair few toys, and my first success, which promptly died when I attempted to add an audio-jack to it. It also gave me the chance to run a few workshops, something that I have never had a chance to do before. I’m not going to lie, I was nervous. However, it was an invigorating experience. It also prompted me to create my first electronic track!

April 24th saw the premiere of my first commissioned piece ‘LionHeart1189′ by the wonderful Chris Brannick and Sara Stowe in the Hay-on-Wye Festival. A truly enlightening experience. I’m truly appreciative of my grandmother who drove the 10 hour (gasp) round trip in order for me to be able to see it.

In July I attended my first conference in Leeds with the CageConcert. A truly knackering but marvellous time! I’ve learnt so much, recorded more, and hopefully the links and contacts I have made will bare fruit throughout my studies and career.

July also saw the start of the process towards creating and devising the Adventurers & Artists Concert Series. For want of jinxing it, I have a fabulous team who I can only say have worked their tails off, (and it’s about to get busier).

The end of July/beginning of August saw this website become LIVE! It wasn’t until at this point, when I could see all the views, that I knew I had such a large audience. I am truly grateful. Thank you.

On October 24th I stripped down into a lion onesie while presenting at my first Research Seminar at Canterbury Christ Church University’s Work in Progress Talks. As odd as this sounds, it was all part of my demonstration of my compositional technique of ‘play’ and asking yourself ‘What happens if?”.

In the beginning of November I had my first paper I’ve ever submitted accepted at the BFE/RMA 2018 Student Conference in Huddersfield. I am still gawping at the fact that I have be accepted, and can not wait to present it!

In December I had a few of my pieces performed at the Free Range Concert Series Holiday Special. I’m looking forward to hearing the results.



2017 was full of academic and career firsts. I can’t say much about 2018 as it has yet to happen (well to us linear time-line experiencing folks anyway). All I can tell you is what I have planned for upcoming year:

On 4th – 6th of January I will be attending the BFE/RMA 2018 Student Conference in Huddersfield where I will be presenting a paper titled ‘Neuro-Diversity as a Compositional Tool’.

A few days after that I will be presenting my Analysis Presentation for my module. Whilst not a significant event beyond gain marks for my Masters Degree, I have managed to base it around my favourite topic: Doctor Who! I will be looking at the development of the 11th Doctors theme ‘I Am the Doctor’ during the Series 4 Specials to Series 5. I also aim to contextualise this development both within the context of the shows plot, and the changes in the shows cast and crew.

April – May will also see all the hard work of the Adventurers & Artists team pay off. We will be beginning rehearsals soon, and I am intrigued to see where it will take us musically.

This is very much a year that I want to keep an eye on….


1st January 2018
Johanne-Bryce Hodgson
(formerly Jason Hodgson)


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